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It's time to make your Smart Phone


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A Must See

Total Game Changer

The way we find deals and the best local businesses has changed. This upgrade to the system will make your Smart Phone a LOT Smarter.

Business owners can claim their Free GooMAPS system that WILL bring more prospects to their door.

Consumers use it to make life a lot better. It will soon be taking your area by storm because it allows folks to customize what they see and when they see it. 

In addition, GooVR is coming soon. It takes Street View to the next level.


The New Norm

The Smart Phone is changing how any business markets, but you already knew that. COVID had profoundly accelerated the timeline.

We have some systems to help business owners not only cope but grow. This link goes to TouchlessConnect™ above.

Free System for your Organization

FREE GeoFence for Organizations:

Members...Get the Announcements, Messages and Alerts you need from your Organization or Group on Auto-Pilot, and TOUCHLESS.

We GIVE Schools, Churches, Cities, Golf Courses, HOA's, or any Non-Profit Organization a FREE system that will allow them to stay in touch with you and deliver timely alerts when you approach the facility, or wherever they deem the messages appropriate. It's FREE and remains Free as long as they need.

If they haven't heard about this, tell them.
It's FREE and they have total control over the messages & timing,