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If you need an overhaul of your website to bring it into compliance with Google's Rules of Engagement, let's talk.
We are marketers, not I.T. folks. A Ph.D. in Marketing will consult with you on your needs.

We can do it or we'll show you how to Do-it-Yourself with AppEVOLV™ and save a TON of money.

L: NY-SAVE™ Listing. 
Includes CaliforniaSAVE™, IdahoSAVE™, Etc.
W: Mini-Website, Qnow™ or ScanOfTheDay™ Listing.
If you do it yourself reverts to $10/mo. Click Here for Bulk Pricing. 
$100.00 One Time
C: Changes "W" above.
This goes away if you do it yourself above.
$5 Each Change
10: Up to a 10 Second Power Intro Video.$50.00 One Time
20: Up to a 20 Second Power Intro Video.$80.00 One Time
T: Talking Avatar Video.$120.00 One Time
LA: Add a 2nd or more Languages to Avatar Video.$30 for Each Language.
V: Full Video Production.Custom Pricing
VR: Virtual Tour.Custom Pricing
G: GooPON™ Coupon Listing FREE.Changes $5 each.
M: Marketing Consultation with a Ph.D.First one FREE

Next, you need to seriously consider making your business Clickable.

Your website is most likely clickable, why not your business?

Our Exclusive Do-it-Yourself System.

We can help. We'll work with you for FREE till things turn around.

Visit the site below and let us know.
We can do this because of our Excellent Supporters.

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