We make the

When you navigate the online world and need information, everything is Clickable.

But What about the Real World? You can't click on a statue for more information.

What if that changed?
What if the World became Clickable?

Watch This Video
for How we work
with google.

There are a lot of QR codes out there but have you noticed most don't work that well?
Qnow™ is the Evolution of QR codes.

Our exclusive Technology makes it work with or without a good internet connection.
In a mall with cellular service but poor or no internet? No Problem.
At an attraction out of town? No Problem.
Just point, Click, and Instantly you have the information you need.

HOW do we do it?

What sort of magic makes Qnow™ Better?

Consumers, watch for the Qnow™ codes soon to be appearing in your world.

Business Owners, are you connecting with your prospects and customers in a way they want and accept?
Or are you like everyone else, just blasting out information they usually end up blocking anyway?

The link just below is an example, why not test it?
Grab your Mobile Device, turn off your WiFi and then point your camera phone at the link. You will see our Google AMP Technology in action.

What makes it Work?

You are probably somewhat familiar with QR Codes. Not many businesses use them because there are some inherent problems.

How is this different from GeoFencing?

Have you been approached by a company promising to solve all your marketing problems with Location Based Advertising or GeoFencing?

These companies are living on borrowed time, and they now know it.