You already knew that the Smart Phone was changing Marketing forever. COVID just Dramatically Shortened the time frame.  

Folks will become used to getting information on What they want, When they want, and Where they want on Their Terms

We'll give you a FREE LISTING in NY-Save™ or one of our other states.
Folks, this is FREE advertising.

Business Interaction is changing. The new Buzzword is 

UtahSave™ is becoming the premier way folks find what they need by area.

Then when you are ready for the next level of customer engagement, make your business Clickable?
Your website is clickable, why not your business?

See TouchlessConnect™ a little lower.

Bring Back the Magic in Retail

Is your business Clickable?

Folks just point their camera phone and click.
Nothing to download. It's already on their phone and makes their smart phone A Lot Smarter. 

Customers will no longer stand for that annoying bombardment of ads and will Always find a way to block them. when you give them what they want, they Engage.

Unlock the Power of Mobile with Qnow™.

Without any doubt, The World is Changing.

Are you Proactive or Reactive?

Responsive Website

Is your site User Friendly?
Does it work on Any Device?
Does any page take longer than 1 second to load?
Is it ADA Compliant?


Have you joined the "Touchless" world? Do you have ways folks can buy and engage without coming into your location?
Is it Seamless?

Proximity Marketing

Is your business Clickable?
If customers are across the street can they point and click to find out about your services?
Do you make it easy for them or do you have the typical barriers up forcing them to search and struggle?


Do you understand the sheer power of an effective Customer Loyalty System?
Do you have a system that can automatically reach out to them and invite them back if it's been awhile?

It's Time to ACT.

It's Tough, so tough many businesses are asking
Will I Survive?

We can help.
Adapt and Adjust to the New Touchless Norm.
Leverage the Mobile Device like Never Before.
Time to not only Recover but GROW your Business.

Silent Sales


Touchless Marketing is here to stay, you can either embrace it in your business or run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Bottom Line
Make it Fast, Easy and Convenient for folks to find and do business with you, on Their Terms, and while addressing All Their Concerns.

TouchlessMarketing™lder="Type Text" target="_blank">
It's the New Norm

(We also have 6 other states with more coming, including CaribbeanSAVE™.)

TOUCHLESS is the new buzzword.

The Smart Phone was changing the world anyway, COVID just accelerated the timeline. "Touchless" is now the buzzword. We have a series of Free Tools to help in these trying times.
For a brief idea of the power, Watch This.

Claim your Free Listings.

You hear a lot lately about GeoFencing and how a company can get you targeted ads based upon a geographic area.
There are some real downsides to this and we cover them.

GeoFencing? Not So Much.

Don't have a website or need it updated?
If your site is more than 6 months old there is a very good chance it's not compliant with the Google Rules of Engagement. Let's speak on the phone and strategize.
Touchless is the new buzzword.
We use Check it out.

We have no contracts, our services are Month to Month.
If at any time you are not satisfied you simply cancel with no questions asked.

You decide what you need. From GooPON™ or a NY-SAVE™ lookup, through any of our Touchless Products.
Take what you need, quit any time.

We even have some Free Products, SmarterConnect.

Get your Free System

We occasionally hear comments from business owners who have been approached by one of those GeoFencing companies that promise the world.

Something to consider. Their time has come and they know it.

Another COOL System

If you haven't checked this out, you might want to watch this video.


Has Covid made your business Suffer?

If you are in trouble, simply concerned about survival and don't have any extra money laying around, not a problem. Let's talk and see what you need. Then down the road, after this is all over, we'll talk about subscriptions but for now, let's get you on track for recovery. We can do this because of some Excellent Supporters.

  1. What can you do Right Now?
    Make the decision to either market Smarter or more expensively.
    If it's Smarter, check out our products. If it's more expensively, continue dong what you are now doing with traditional advertising that is dying.
  2. As NY-SAVE™ grows, more and more customers will become aware of it's power.
    Consider taking a listing now.
  3. If you want to Engage those customers who find you, choose a system as outlined in TouchlessMarketing™. 
  4. Websites and Online Presence - How well is your website working? Is it converting prospects to customers? Are you in compliance with the Google Rules of Engagement and the ADA Regulations? In most cases, if your content is over 6 months old you are already beginning to have issues.
    The good news is you can do this yourself and we can help or show you how. This means you will Save a LOT of money.
  5. Just so you know the power of our appEVOLV™ system, every site we have was created with this tool.
    Here are a few more:  Smarter.Marketing

Some Additional Thoughts

  • Convert to an Online Business - If you aren't set up to do business online, we need to fix that. You need to let folks know that you are in business, here to stay and here to work with them online with Touchless features. 
  • eCommerce Site -  If you aren't set up to do this, now is the time to think about it. The time has come to not only consider immediate survival but develop a plan moving forward for how you operate in a Post COVID World. We can show you how to do this and save a Tremendous Amount of Money over what other companies charge. We can even show you how to do this for FREE.
  • If you have thought about join joining your local Chamber of Commerce, now would be the time. Right now we are including our Touchless Marketing system with some free tools for several Chamber. Ask them about it.

Are you doing Video Marketing?
It's CRITICAL for Success

Unless you have been living under a rock, you get it.

Do the videos below grab your attention?

Now THAT's a Beer Commercial.
Heineken Gets It.

And the Big Question.

Are you using video?